We’re Hiring: Account Executive

Feb 26th

We are a relatively new, yet aggressively growing food company.  Our business revolves around retail sales in grocery stores, ranging from independent health food shops to major retail chains like Marsh and Kroger. We are seeking an Account Executive with a strong business acumen as well as familiarity with the grocery industry.

The Account Executive role will entail marketing & promotional advertising strategy, price strategy, placement and merchandising—as well as the paperwork and administrative tasks that these functions require.  Other marketing skills such as social media and email marketing will be a plus, as well.  But the job will not be all desk-work.  The Account Executive will also visit stores, host tastings and sampling when possible, and build relationships with buyers at all levels of the grocery industry.

A strong candidate will be warm and relational, yet also skilled in Excel and other Microsoft Office products, able to understand business finance terms such as “gross margin” and “ROI” and converse about such with customers.

Insider industry know-how is preferred to educational training, so an un-degreed person who has worked in grocery retail for a few years will be given preference over the newly-earned bachelors degree that doesn’t know any grocery jargon.

Interested candidates should email ncarter@huskfoods.com.  Taking the initiative to connect on LinkedIn and “like” our Facebook page wouldn’t hurt either.

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