We did this all summer…

Dec 17th

Some people do this on their own.  Many people don’t even know you can.  Most people wouldn’t take the time.  So we did.

What makes Husk sweet corn different is simple: we froze sweet corn the same way grandma did.

First, we bought sweet corn. Good sweet corn.  Not some hybrid corn that was engineered for production and sacrifices flavor for processing efficiency.  We bought the same corn you stand in line to get in Indiana during the month of August.  Good, non-GMO, super-sweet corn.

Second, we froze it solid.  When you pick up a bag of Husk, it’s a solid brick of frozen corn kernels.  That’s because we froze it in the juices that sweet, delicious Indiana corn produces.  This is, after all, how grandma did it.  She didn’t have a vibrating-floor-negative-forty-degree-multi-million-dollar-quick-freeze-tunnel.  She had ziplock baggies and a freezer.  So do we.

Simple.  Elegant.  Delicious.


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