Vegetable Texture

May 6th
Vegetables Center Plate

If you’ve started trying more meals with vegetables as a centerpeice, I will guess that you, like me, have been missing something… Texture. With an all-vegetable diet, or even a more heavily vegetable diet, you have to be conscious to seek a variety of textures to satisfy your pallet.

The texture found in vegetable options are much different than that in meat products. When trying to change our diet it is important to thoroughly chew our food and explore the new tastes and textures. This exercise will help us to understand what we like about these new foods and what we miss about our old food choices. Once we understand the things that sabotage our resolve to eat healthier it will be easier to decide what we need to keep in our diet to help us achieve long term success and what we can eliminate without even missing it.

Here is a great soup option with a wide variety of textures: Chicken Tortilla Soup

The key ingredient in this recipe is the long grain Spanish rice. Rice provides a filler and allows us to feel full faster. It also adds texture to a dish and balances this dish nicely as the corn lends a smoother, sweet taste. This recipe has both Chicken and Chicken broth. You can eliminate the Chicken meat if you want, you could even substitute vegetable stock if you want it be be meat free.

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