What is Husk all about?

Drive through any of the rural towns in Indiana and you’re bound to find a structure like this one (right).  It’s undoubtedly near the railroad track.  It probably hasn’t been painted or repaired in years.  And, more than likely, it’s abandoned.

Twenty years ago, these grain elevators were the centers of agribusiness in rural Indiana.  You could find jobs here—people earning a living.  You could find farmers here—lined up down the street to sell their crops.  But today, they’re an eyesore—grim reminders of how farming used to be.

There are those of us who have not forgotten.  At Husk, we remember what it means for farmers to feed their local communities. We know the pride that comes in that work.  We know what it means to add value and processing to raw agricultural product.  And we know that we can bring that industry back to Indiana once again.