The Husk Facility


Ask anyone in the food business and they’ll tell you: 5000 sq. ft. is not a big processing plant.  The Husk facility is just under that.  But even though it’s small, it’s a big business… why?  Because this is the first processing facility of its kind in this state in several decades.

Located just East of Indianapolis on Mt. Comfort Road, the Husk Processing Plant houses cutting machines, freezers, and a host of specialty equipment.  In this small facility, Husk will process over 200,000 lbs of sweet corn in just under two month’s time.  That is the crop of approximately 50 acres of Indiana farmland.

Small scale?  Yes.  A big leap for Indiana’s agriculture and economy?  Yes.

Visit us:
4202 N. Awning Ct. #100
Greenfield, IN 46140

Contract Manufacturing for fellow Food Entrepreneurs

The vegetables that Husk freezes are seasonal, leaving our 5,000 sq. ft. registered food manufacturing facility largely empty 9 months out of the year. So, Husk has partnered with other local food entrepreneurs to use our capacity for scale and distribution to increase their food brands beyond shared kitchens and incubators. Here are a few brands we have partnered with:

Urban Ladle
Marcie Douglass and Lisa Sprunger are two culinary masterminds that developed a delicious line of soups in a shared kitchen incubator. But, when their business began to expand, they needed large capacity. From cooking 100 quarts a day in a commercial kitchen to producing 600 quarts a day in our industrial facility, we are honored to play a part in this company’s success story.

Brooke’s Naturals
A confectionery at heart, Brooke Schmidt started making candies in her small town of Dana, IN over 10 years ago. But, when candy faces challenges of shelf-life and heat sensitivity. So, she developed a line of gluten-free baking mixes that could be distributed widely. That vision, however, would require a manufacturing facility far larger than her candy kitchen, and with vastly different manufacturing equipment. By partnering with Husk, Brooke can focus on her passion–candy–while growing her sales in this popular category of gluten free products.