Real Life, All Local, and under 30 Minutes

Nov 18th

10377539_991752597507617_2229887421005558230_nYou know the old saying “If it seems too good to be true it probably is”…NOT the case here.  This meal is all LOCAL, real good, super easy and inexpensive…It is true, and totally worth a try!


1. Green Beans- Place in a saucepan over medium heat, with 1/2 C water, salt, pepper, and onion to taste. Cover and cook until they reach your preferred texture.

2. Sweet Potatoes peeled, shredded and placed in a skillet with a little butter, salt and pepper. Turn and cook until soft and browned.

3. Thin pork chops- Spread on mustard, dredge in Panko and place in skillet on Med-High with a little Olive or Coconut oil until browned,  turn once to brown other side and cook through. (Approximately 5 min per side).


1. Thin Boneless Chop – Tyner Pond Farm- $7.99

2. Husk Green Beans- Kroger- $1.00 (Seriously-STOCK UP)

3. Sweet Potatoes- Stouts Melody Acres- $1.50 (1/2 of a $3 box)

4. Mustard (I used a sweet Banana Pepper Mustard from Kelly’s Jellies in McCordsville, IN)

5. Onion and Bread Crumbs or Panko

This ALL LOCAL meal will cost you less than $3.50 a plate if you have the Mustard, Onion and Panko in your pantry!



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