Local Green Beans

Sep 24th

Our second SKU is finally here… well, almost.  An excited post to Facebook today left many people asking, “where can I buy this?”  The truth is, it’s fresh off the line.  Really fresh.  The bag you see here was sealed this afternoon and it is the first ever Husk Indiana Green Beans bag.  So, it may take a few weeks for you to start seeing this at our local grocers, but rest assured, they’re coming.

These are Blue Lake green beans.  It’s a hardy variety that’s very popular in climates like Indiana.  The beans are delicious, too.  This plant produces a long-straight pod with great color, full bodied, and cook up nicely in a saute or just steamed.

We’ve been saying this is a “local food SYSTEM” for months. It’s exciting to finally have more than just our first product… even though, I am still partial to the sweet corn.

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