Local Food at the Homegrown Grocer

Nov 7th

Today was an exceptionally exciting day for us at Husk.  We’ve been “restacking” the local food supply chain for several months now, and received some amazing validation this morning at the grocery store near my house–the Marsh, to be exact.

I walked in to the frozen section of the Fishers/96th Street location hoping to see a long-awaited sight: Husk Sweet Corn on the shelf in the frozen section at Marsh.  I didn’t see it.  I hunted and hunted.  It was supposed to have been there by now.  Finally, a kind associate asked me if he could help me find something.  So, I told him my humble story.

“That box arrived just this morning,” he said with a grin.  “I haven’t shelved it yet, but come on back and let’s get it out.”IMG_1559_sm

He showed me to the back where a pallet sat, still in the shrink wrap.  There in a stack with cases of national-brand items was our little box, easy-to-spot with it’s unassuming plain cardboard and an Avery label printed from my inkjet printer.  That’s our product!

I had the privilege of buying the first bag from Marsh this morning.  I told the checkout lady, Lynnette, she was going to be famous as the first cashier to sell Husk at “Indiana’s Homegrown Grocer.”  She didn’t seem as excited about it as I obviously was, but she smiled and posed just the same.IMG_1560_sm

This weekend, get out to your local Marsh Supermarket–every store in the state will have it–and grab a bag of Husk. Be a part of local food history in Indiana.


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