In its own juices…

Jan 27th

I was serving samples at Whole Foods last weekend when a customer tasted our corn and, naturally, ran to buy some.  She discovered, as everyone has, that our flavor is like no other frozen corn.  Indeed it tastes like corn on the cob on hot July evening.  But she came back to my sampling table with a look of disappointment…

“Not one of the bags in stock here isn’t freezer burnt,”  She complained.  “They’re all frozen solid.”  That’s when I knew this might take some explaining.

You see, that flavor this customer was raving about is a direct result of HOW we freeze our corn.  And HOW we freeze our corn is what can only be described as “in its own juices.”

You know when you eat corn on the cob, juice runs down your chin?  It’s a sweet, sticky juice that pops out of the kernels and you don’t seem to mind at all  because of the flavor that just hit your mouth.  That juice comes when you boil corn on the cob.  Most industrial corn processors steam-blanch their corn after it’s cut from the cob.  Not Husk.  We boil the corn (blanching it) on the cob to get the same flavor you’ve come to love from summer sweet corn.

Then, we bag the corn in those very juices.  The solid frozen form you feel in the bag is where you get that irresistible flavor.  It’s different from the industry norm, but that’s precisely the point.

After a brief conversation, this customer bought 3 bags and merrily went on her way.  I wonder how many others have been startled by how different our corn really is in every respect.  But if it takes a little consumer education to bring a better product to market, we’re up for the challenge.

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