Husk Sugar Snap Peas

Jun 27th

Our sugar snap peas are grown by Keith Clute of K and A Organic Roots, Inc. from Fowler, Indiana. Sugar snap peas are a cross between shelled garden peas and snow peas. They are different from the other peas in that they have thick round edible pods.

husk snap peas - #snappeas

Once they arrive at our plant, we snip the ends off the pods using this machine.

husk snap peas - #snappeas

Then, we blanch them to preserve the sweetness.

Blanching sugar snap peas - #sugarsnappeashusk snap peas2 - #snappeas

After they are cooled and dried, they are bagged, sealed, and boxed up.

husk snap peas #snappeas

These crisp, sweet, edible pods of peas are a great addition to soup, salad, pasta, or stir-fry! Check out some recipes for sugar snap peas here.

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