Husk Snow Peas

Jun 27th

Snow peas have edible pods like sugar snap peas, but their pods are flat and translucent allowing the shape of the peas to be seen through the pod. Our snow peas are grown by Jon Godar of Eli Creek Farms in Connersville, Indiana.

Husk Snow Peas - - #snowpeas

Because snow peas are fragile, we do not snip the ends as this would bruise the pods. As soon as they arrive at the plant, we blanch, bag, seal, and box them. This ensures that you receive fresh snow peas, ready for your enjoyment.

blanching snow peas - - #snowpeas

bagging snow peas - #snowpeas

boxing snow peas - - #snowpeas

We have some fabulous recipes for snow peas here on Pinterest for you to check out.

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