Husk Shelled Garden Peas

Jun 27th

Our shelled garden peas are grown by Jon Godar of Eli Creek Farms from Connersville, IN.

At first glance they may look like all of the other peas you see on the market, but our heirloom garden variety peas are slightly larger, crisper, and loaded with more flavor than the industrial peas that other brands package and sell. Shelled garden peas are slightly higher in caloric value than other peas, but also have a higher nutritional value.

Shelled Garden Peas - #gardenshellpeas

The shelled garden peas have a unique process in that we have to separate the peas from the pod before we do anything else.  Once that process is complete, they are cleansed to ensure that all foreign matter from the pods has been removed.

cleaner-garden shell peas- #peas

We then run them through the blanching process to lock in the flavor, color, and freshness. After they are blanched and dried, they are bagged, sealed, and boxed up to head to your freezer.

Drying shelled garden peas - #peasShelled Garden Peas - #shelledgardenpeas

If you want some ideas on how to serve your shelled garden peas, check us out on Pinterest.

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