Weaver’s Produce

Weavers Produce Sweet Corn

Since 1995, Jeremy Weaver and his family have been growing Indiana Sweet Corn.  It all started when Jeremy’s dad planted an acre of sweet corn and sent him and his brother to the farmers market in downtown Shelbyville.  Since that first summer, Weavers Produce has grown to several farmers markets and roadside stands.

Since 1995, Weavers Produce has gone from that one acre of sweet corn to over forty—including twenty acres dedicated to Husk Sweet Corn. Along with the sweet corn, the Weavers grow several acres of green beans, an acre and a half of tomatoes, and ten acres of pumpkins and gords.

To learn more about the Weaver’s Produce CSA and other ways to buy their fresh produce, visit www.weaversproduce.com.