Don’t tell the barn cat she is not a Lion!

Jun 18th

IMG_1312A few short years ago we at Husk came into the Indiana food system like a lion. We set our sights on making a big impact and on making a difference for Indiana farmers. Looking back now we are proud of all the things that we have accomplished…. Did you know that very soon we will be in over 350 area grocery stores? Truth is we have come to realize that our “kingdom” is slightly smaller than we first thought however it is vastly more important.

The Indiana food system is broken, as are most local food systems in the U.S., we have A LOT of work to do. It is still our mission to provide year-round access to local food through local preservation and processing. We believe in that now more than ever. We know that Indiana vegetables belong on Indiana tables and on Indiana grocery store shelves EVERY DAY of the year. Why? Because it has been proven that it can be done, Indiana farmers deserve it, we ALL deserve it. We also realize that there IS more than sweet corn (and Green Beans and Butternut Squash) in Indiana, and we want to help grow it ALL.

In expanding on the metaphor… a lion is purely focused on the pride and survival of it’s own kind, the barn cat is responsible for the entire farm. A barn cat greets the guests, it interacts with every animal on the farm, it controls the pests, and it knows the entire farm like the back of its paw but whatever you do: Don’t tell her she is NOT a lion, she takes her job VERY seriously!

We are enjoying our life as the barn cat, we want to welcome you to our Indiana farms and we want to introduce you to the new friends who have joined us as part of the Husk Farm League. Our goals are mighty and our mission is filled with pride, we are sure that with your help we can heal the broken food system and fill grocery store shelves with LOCALLY processed, wholesome, real food. Thank you for your support. We NEED you to tell your friends! Bring them to us, we would happily show them around the farm!

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