Crime, Poverty, and Shopping Local

Aug 1st

Yes, it’s connected.

We are writhing in Indiana from increasing violence and destitution.  It’s heartbreaking to see the everyday headlines of our local news. The areas in which most of these crimes take place are areas in which factories and plants used to be. Areas that were once industrial parks that were booming with job opportunities. When those businesses left and those job opportunities disappeared, the people were left there. Jobless. What can we do about this?

“Shop local” would be a token, if not even offensive and self-serving, mantra to offer as “the” solution to the problem.

But it’s worth stating that it can be an important part of the solution.  We cannot simply “invest” in police and education. We also have to personally and individually invest in the products that are produced locally.  We have our own role to play in revitalizing our communities, allowing those around us to thrive, and reducing the cycles of poverty that lead to crime.

When you buy products made from local craftsmen, shop at locally-owned stores, or eat at local restaurants, you’re helping create jobs and income for the people right where you live.  Those are people who we want to help provide for themselves and their children and have the means to buy or improve their homes, care for their children, and even pay taxes that provide parks, programs, education, and police that keep your community healthy.

In this video we explain how Husk does just that. By keeping our crops locally grown and processing those crops in our local community, we are able to keep more of the money that you spend on groceries in your local community.

Shopping local may not be the only piece to the puzzle, but it’s a bigger one than we may have realized.  And, perhaps more importantly, it is the only piece of the puzzle that you personally control.  What will you do with it?

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