Are you getting enough fat?

May 6th
Vegetables Center Plate

If you want to make vegetables the centerpiece of a meal, you have to make sure that you’re not sacrificing flavor in the process.  If you were to stop eating meat altogether, do you know what you’d miss most?  Fat.

Seems odd to talk about fat in light of a “healthy” diet, but truth is that everyone needs healthy fats in their diet. Didn’t know there was such a thing as good fat? That is because the medical and health communities have spent millions promoting “low-fat” diets (often loaded with added sugar). Research now points to benefits of unrefined animal fats, and select fats from plants such as avacados, olives and nuts. Better body composition, more muscle and easier fat loss are three benefits discussed in length in this article written by the Poliquin Group .

When you source your products from trusted local producers you can use lard, bacon, and other fatty meat products to flavor your food, satiating your meaty appetite even without making meat the center of your meal.

Want to try it?  Here is a simple recipe to highlight the taste of good fats and still focus on the vegetable: Peppered Bacon & Beans

As we are learning, quality ingredients make a huge difference in our diet. Clean ingredients, minimumally processed foods, and locally sourced products go a long way to building a strong foundation for sustainable changes in our eating habits. Husk also offers Indiana grown and processed Green Beans for retail purchase year round in your local grocery store.

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