American Pie

May 27th


6 oz Gluten free macaroni

4 oz Medium Cheddar cheese

4 oz Monterey cheese

8 oz Husk Sweet Corn

11 or 12 strips of Moody Meats bacon

1 Gluten free pie crust

American Pie - - #glutenfree #nongmo #sweetcorn


Pre-bake the pie crust.

Boil macaroni till tender. Strain and put back in the pot.

Melt the Cheddar and Monterey in the pot with the cooked macaroni.

Cook corn and strain.

Finely chop 4 strips of bacon.

Stir the corn and the bacon into the macaroni and cheeses.

Pour the mixture into pie crust.

Top with bacon and enjoy!

American Pie - - #glutenfree #nongmo #sweetcorn

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