6 Reasons to “Stalk” Your Food

Oct 14th

If you’ve bought a bag of Husk, you probably noticed the code on the back.  If you haven’t bought one yet, go check it out.  Every bag of food Husk produces, whether it’s sweet corn, green beans, peas, or any other crop, all has a crop stalker code.

What does Crop Stalker do?  Simple: it tells you who grew your food.

To you, the customer, it’s a novel and subtly significant difference between Husk products and any other options you have in the frozen food aisle.  We don’t just “say” our products are local, we back it up and we validate it.

For us, it is far more than that.  Crop Stalker is a core component of our business for many reasons…

  1. Crop Stalker brings dignity to the work that a farmer does when the person enjoying the fruits of his/her labor can know and appreciate specifically who produced the food they eat.
  2. Crop Stalker adds more impetus on the farmer to produce a delicious, high-quality product because their name is on it, too.
  3. Crop Stalker aids us in keeping the public safe.  Crop Stalker is a major part of our recall plan, allowing us to issue specific recalls should the unfortunate occasion for a recall occur.
  4. Crop Stalker makes Husk stand apart from larger industrial food companies because they could not, given their current mode of operations, offer this level of transparency on their products.
  5. Crop Stalker helps chefs and restaurants to participate in the local food movement, too.  Husk sells food service packaging to restaurants and larger institutions that have stated local food initiatives.  Without Crop Stalker, these businesses could not buy Husk products as part of their “farm to fork” programs because they couldn’t verify the farms.
  6. Crop Stalker itself is a local product, developed by a local software company, AddressTwo.  Even the money behind the technology was kept local.

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